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Welcome to IvanPetrov.org

Hey, My name is Ivan Petrov. I am a simple guy - friend, father, husband, brother, son, just like you are.

I love to meet with special people like you. Yes you really are.

I love action, I am not afraid of making mistakes and I love to learn from them.
For years I am professional web marketing entrepreneur and I love doing it.

I spent over a decade looking around to find my way. I and have found it. It was not outside but it was inside.

So let me share it with you ... So my mission of life is so simple:
•I don`t do it for money, fame and power ...
•I do it because deep in my heart I want and I believe that I can help everybody to live happy and free life. Yes, because living in global community is based on people helping each other.

I am good in web marketing, creating web business, connecting with people and investing the money at the end.

Can I help you with some of this?

BR: Ivan Petrov

My message to you ...

Here is how I can help you ...

In 21st century there is one huge problem that you need to be able to solve if you want to be successful...
I see very talented people, actors, singers, authors, other specialists etc. They can not make it in their professional career because of one simple problem they need to learn how to solve.
Today you have to be able to market yourself. You have to be able to attract people to your ideas, you have to be able to make people follow you... Yes this is it.
On the other hand you can see people with no product, with no value and talent but they can market them selves and them make it in live very good. You see them on magazines on tv shows on web site and so on.
Long story short: Today is more valuable to be able to market but to have a good product or service. Too bad if there is no value but just marketing!
However if you have value that you want to share, all you need to learn is how to bring people to your website, facebook page (and so on), to have a look it, and few more things of course.
So stay in touch or subscribe and I have a lot to share with you on the topic.

BR: Ivan Petrov

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