Greece and Cyprus Business and Consumers email lists

email-bulkmE Mail Marketing in Cyprus and Greece – the reason why you need subscriber list?

Greece is amongst the top european economies. Greece could be the base of the democracy and that`s why the online business marketplace and e mail marketing is so open and so well-known in Greece. The truth is 42 % of those in Greece use to buy from online. 19.5% of the people in Greece say that they frequently reed email marketing to see if there is virtually any special offer for them and that is a primary reason why you should have high-quality subsciber lists.

Even so the crisis on the last years Greece has on the list of quickest expanding eCommerce market in Europe. The size of the e-marketing market for 2016 is predicted for being $4.2 billions which is the other reasons why you have to figure about doing eCommerce business in Greece and getting own mailing list.


E Mail Marketing Truth for Greece or Ciprus?

To inspire you how you get to do e-mail marketing in Greece and why you have to collect or own own mailing list with greek folks we are going to share with you some facts:

91.5 % from the Greek consumers are using email

Greek folks are so into internet shopping and reading emails for special offers this is why they may subscribe for your email list to see your promotions

Most of the local e-commerce shop still use email marketing for for their email marketing channel.

Greek don’t seem to be so hard subscribing into email lists for promotions and extra value.


Tips on how to gather or buy Cyprus or Greek mailing list?

Once we mentioned above greek persons are simple to sign up their email in email list, but how to get it. Well you can get it done by producing offline and online campaigns to ask for their email to join your email list or you can purchase premium mailing list for cheap cost no matter if it is buyers or company email list. The very first option is the best long-term option. Always is much easier to collect mailing list by yourself however if you want results now it will be better to apply it both and I mean to collect your and to buy one to make use of it now.


From which you can Buy top quality subscriber lists of Greek or Cyprus people?

Well, among the best world firms of mailing lists is known as Live Medio. Live Medio offers e mail shoppers and small business email lists from over 30 countries from globally. At Live Medio yow will discover both Greek Business and shoppers subsciber lists. On the webpage you could find email list not just from Greece but from the other European and globe countries.


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So you see that if you have an interest of introducing your online business in Greece its time to do it today. Contact the people from Live Medio and they’re going to provide you with the finest mailing list no matter whether you would like to address the business or consumers marketplace. Additionally if you would like do business from the other countries and balkans right now there you can find email list of Bulgaria and Romania another big marketplaces there.

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